Woodworking for kids

Kids as young as five will have a successful experience in woodworking if allowed to master one skill at a time.

Our program introduces children to the world of craftsmanship, starting with small, independent creations crafted with their own hands. As children progress, so do their creations, fostering a journey of growth and creativity.

At our workshops, children engage in the joy of learning and mastering the use of real child sized tools, cultivating their creativity to produce unique masterpieces. Each child produces their own projects. We emphasise safety as well as pleasure of building unique items. All copleted pieces of woodwork, children take home.

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Who we are

We are a team of individuals driven by passion for woodworking, child development, the environment, and sustainability. Our collective commitment led us to make a conscious decision to dedicate our time and knowledge to passing on hands-on skills to children. Through carefully crafted lessons, we aim to provide enjoyable, inspiring, confidence-boosting experiences that enrich their capabilities. Our goal is to contribute to the building of a foundation for their future, fostering skills and values that will accompany them on their journey.

What we do

Nurseries and Primary Schools

In recent years, Wood Wizards has conducted workshops in numerous nurseries and primary schools across the island. The Wood Wizards Design and Tech program has seamlessly integrated into the curriculums of many schools. Additionally, we offer our woodworking lessons as engaging after-school activities.


At the Wood Wizards premises, we offer After School Clubs and Saturday Clubs. During holidays, we host special All Day Clubs, including programs for Easter, Summer, and Autumn Mid-term breaks. Our fully equipped workshops, located all over Cyprus, and other countries around the world, warmly welcome children aged 5-12 years old to join us in a spacious and engaging environment.

Birthday Parties

Crafting your own birthday project with friends and taking it home as your own masterpiece, is an exhilarating and joyous experience!

Transform your celebration into a uniquely memorable party in three simple steps—an amazing experience for children and a breeze for parents!

1. Register
2. Choose the Project
3. Have fun!

Special Events

We offer one of a kind team-building workshops and enjoyable sessions where you can collaboratively create your own unique projects alongside work colleagues, relatives, friends, or children, guided by our experienced craftsmen!

Explore a diverse range of masterclasses featuring exciting project ideas, all set in a friendly atmosphere. Our events also offer the additional option to dedicate an hour or two for socializing, enhancing the overall experience.

“Wood is the canvas, tools are the brushes, and the craftsman is the artist painting life into every creation.” — Woodcraft Almanac

How we work

Safety first

We place a high priority on both safety and the joy of crafting individual projects. Children will use specially designed child-size tools, not only relishing the creative process but also independently completing their masterpiece to proudly take home.

No experience needed

No need of any prior experience and all tools and materials required to make the projects are provided by the Wood Wizards.

A natural for STEAM activities

With the emphasis on STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, mathematics) in early childhood classrooms, the Wood Workshop provides Preschool and Primary School children a means to become makers, tinkerers and engineers.

Creative problem solving

Our goal is to teach children creative problem solving and how to use hand tools safely, effectively, and (ultimately) independent of adult assistance. Our Wood Workshop is designed to encourage creative problem solving and self-reliance.


Thomas Kaiser

Thomas Kaiser

Founder of the Wood Wizards. Background in International Business Administration. Certified for wood working with children, father of 6. Raised in Switzerland, with a pocket knife and crafting being part everyday life.

Phill Hastell

Phill Hastell

Instrumentation engineer. Father of 1, passionate handy-man with more then 30 years experience in all areas of carpentry, building in large scale and crafting with different material.

Maria Hastell

Maria Hastell

Mother of 1 amazing young lady, with endless love to all kids and strong belief in the benefits and importance of hands-on life skills development for both boys and girls! More than 20 years of experience in Management and Marketing in various industries, customer oriented, creative and caring for everyone, from our team members to students and their parents.


Summer Club 2024

Summer Club 2024

31 May 2024



08 April 2024

Soon Wood Wizards Lebanon will open its doors



01 April 2024

Brand new Wood Wizards workshop in Dubai will be opening its doors beginning of May 2024!

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